Our Team

Our staff is comprised of some of the best, most experienced professionals in the industry that aim to deliver the highest quality product possible.

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Quality Assurance

Creativity and functionality are combined to offer our client high quality products that reflect their personality or the brand identity they represent.

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Achievements and Awards

Since the beginning, we have worked closely with architects, homeowners, contractors, and designers to build exceptional, enduring products.

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Delta Construction Factory L.L.C (DMCF), one of the leading metallic fabrication and coating companies in the U.A.E, was established in 1993. as a Metals Manufacturer DMCF is a leader in industrial services sector, providing steel projects, all metals decoration and steel finishing, CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC Punching, Steel Fabrication, Steel Structure, Stainless Steel Fabrication, SS Fabrication, Staircase Fabrication, Pipe Bending, Tubes Bending, Stainless Steel Polishing, Metal Sheet Forming, Metals coating, Design and manufacturing Stone fixing brackets in Stainless Steel (G 304, 316)and Mild Steel.

Today, DMCF is considered as one of the most important and strategic companies in the UAE in the field of Electro-plating and all metals fabrication.

We are ready to do Projects for supply and install with best required Quality in market all over of united Arab Emirates Cities (Abu dhabi,Dubai, Sharjah, RAK, Fujerah etc.. and in all middle East Countries, specialist in architectural work like Canopies, handrails, Wall Caldding, Counters, Cabinates, Structural Steel, Exhibition Stands, Metal Decoration, CNC Laser cutting, CNC Plasma Cutting, sheet shearing, Sheet Bending.


Design and Planning


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Design and Manufacturing Division

Fabrication, supply & fixing of different stainless steel works, for Hotels, Moles, Restaurants & Show rooms.

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Finishing and Decoration Division

Plating materials to get same colors of expensive materials such as Platinum, Gold, Silver,  Bronze etc

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We are able to offer our customers a wide range of finishes and colors � like gold, silver, brass, copper, and royal antique finish � which are normally imported from countries like Germany and the U.S. All our products, services, and the projects we undertake are controlled and monitored by a highly qualified and experienced management team, technical staff, fabricators, turners, welders, electro-platters, painters, polishers and support personnel,in order to carry out a wide range of steel works at reasonable and competitive prices.

Our Delta Metallic Factory is certified with ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2008 , OHSAS 18001:2007 for Steel Construction, Fabrication and installation of architectural Metals and Glass fit-out Works.

Structural Steel
Design and Manufacturing
Finishing and Decoration
Power Coating


In our factory we are able to make the things Antique with old finish to give you feeling of deep-rootedness and originality. We are able to do this finish  in all material you want. In addition we also have Small Division of painting and lacquering, CNC Laser cutting, CNC Plasma Cutting and CNC Punching.

Plating materials to get same colors of expensive materials such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze,Antique Brass, Antique Bronze etc, this will reduce cost when the customer use cheep material like Aluminum or Mild steel to get same finish of expensive materials

Latest Technology Used

Delta Metallic Construction Factory

Safety Management

Delta Metallic Construction Factory L.L.C has a comprehensive health and safety management system in place to ensure the well-being of all our employees. With regards to occupational health, our corporate policy promotes a workplace that protects the health of DMCF employees, sub-contractors, and the surrounding community. The policy emphasizes prevention, education, voluntary participation, personal responsibility, and cost effectives.

The DMCF health and safety management system relies on the implementation of the DMCF health and safety policies. These are collections of policies and procedures outlining various safety topics that include the orientation of new employees, the reporting requirements on site.

Health and wellbeing outside the workplace is also and area that DMCF addresses, as we understand the problems it may result in, related but not limited to absenteeism. As a matter of policy therefore, DMCF provides its personnel with various kinds of assistance, such as informational or medical insurance plans, whilst empowering employees to take charge of their personal health.

Line management is responsible for the implementation of health and safety management system, with the support of the personnel department and the assistance of medical professionals as needed. This health and safety management system takes local conditions into account and complies with the health laws and regulations applicable in the UAE.

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